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Traditional Diazo Printing
Still the least expensive choice for large format reproduction.

  • 42" Wide by Any reasonable Length
  • Blueline and Blackline Printing
  • Sepia Reproducibles
  • Ammonia Mylars
  • Related services: jobs on file, bid distribution and secure storage facilities.

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Small Format Color & Monochrome Copying
Speed...Versatility...Quality...We understand your needs in copy  solutions. SE Blueprint offers endless options to meet your needs including: duplication from 8½ x 11 to 11 x 17 originals, single or double sided copies, custom paper stocks, Coverstock, GBC Binding, Vello-Bind, Spiral-Bind, Screw Post.

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Large Document Copies
SE Blueprint provides large document copy quality like you've never seen before! Our new digital technology captures crisp black lines as well as all the fine details and grayscales of your large original.

  • Up to 36" wide by any length
  • Direct bond printing for large quantity copying.
  • Reductions and enlargements.
  • Media choices: bond, vellum, or mylar.

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Digital Reproduction
We offer large format, high speed, high quality CAD plotting & printing services. Send us your CAD files on disk, by email or through ftp (file transfer protocol - please see the ftp page for more information). With SE Blueprint your plotting options are endless!

  • We'll plot your AutoCAD files onto vellum or Mylar, or print directly to high quality bond sets.
  • Hand drawn originals and traditional blueprints can also be scanned and printed to bond, vellum, or Mylar.
  • Sharp, legible half size sets are a snap.
  • Here are some plotting tips that can help you get exactly the output you want.

Color CAD Plotting
SE Blueprint provides complete color cad plotting services. Media choices include Bond, Presentation bond, photo gloss or matte finish, clear film, cling-film, true canvas, etc. Quality assurance is always provided.

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Scanning and Vectorization
SE Blueprint can not only scan, index and CD burn your hardcopy originals to enable digital access but also convert your originals into perfect CAD drawings quickly and very cost effectively.

We do this by first scanning the original document. This produces a “raster” file which is the generic output from a scanner. Raster files are a "pixel-on/pixel-off" type of file and do not contain intelligent (vector) CAD file data. Though they can be imported and displayed in todays CAD software they cannot be edited there without the addition of specialized (and expensive) "add-on" software running within the CAD environment. Raster files work well as an inexpensive means of archiving paper drawings, aperture cards, etc., to an electronic format for “view only” type access and can be converted to vector files later on an as needed basis.

The second step, called "overlay drafting", uses the raster file as a template for tracing. It's imported into a CAD drawing editor where an operator can then manually trace over the raster image line by line to create a vector (CAD) file. Because the drawing is done by hand it can not only be layered to your specifications but also include your required linetypes, text styles and hatching. The SE Blueprint method of conversion works well not only with high quality originals but those of lower quality and provides a perfect finished product.

There is no magic black box that will accurately convert your drawings to the same standards and quality found in your in-house generated CAD files. Quality raster-vector conversion requires trained personnel and significant man-hours.

SE Blueprint Vector Services offer:

  • 4 to 5 business day turnaround
  • drawings layered to your specifications
  • quantities of 1 to unlimited
  • free on-site consultation in the greater Cleveland Ohio area
  • custom pricing based on the complexity and quantity of work

The quality and efficiency of this service will amaze you.

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Litigrafix is a division of SE Blueprint that uses our large document reproduction capabilities to offer the litigation community large format graphic reproduction at rates and service levels not provided in today's market. We handle color and monochrome enlargement and reduction services as well as finishing services such as drymounting, laminating and encapsulating. Our copy capabilities include small document reproduction in color and monochrome as well as scanning services to nearly any media. Litigrafix accepts hardcopy originals and most digital files via disk, email or ftp. As not all computer files are alike we encourage you to contact our office to ensure ease of production. Our average turnaround times are 24 to 36 hours. Rush services can be arranged. Free pickup and delivery.

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Other Services
If You Don't See It... Call Us!

  • Lamination
  • Drymounting
  • Wash-off Mylar's
  • Offset Printing
  • Title Blocks
  • AIA Documents

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