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3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning for Floorplans

  • 3D scanning captures the dimensions, angles, curves and features of a space and renders a floorplan that represents current conditions.
  • Available in CAD, PDF and print format.
  • Typical turn time from scan to plan is under 1 week.
  • Revit ready point clouds also available.

Capture every detail in 3D Revit ready point clouds.
Press play to see the details.

Spatial relationships of structures in a building can be easily determined and measured regardless of floors and walls when viewing 3D models.

Measurements Made Easy

Take measurements from 3D models in Revit, Recap and other popular software.

We also offer point cloud to CAD conversion services to provide elevation profiles, building sections and roof plans.

Remote Viewing Through Virtual Tours

Above the Tiles Scanning

Capture dimensions in cluttered spaces where conventional methods can’t be deployed.