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SE Blueprint, Inc. 2035 Hamilton Ave Cleveland
+216 241 2250
520 S. Main St. Suite #2411 Akron
+ 330 376 1689


Municipal Record Retention Services

Electronic Communications and Digital Preservation Planning Services® Long Term Digital Archive (LTDA) – Record Retention Services

  • The® division of SE Blueprint supports Digital Preservation Planning services associated with the accessibility of electronic data into the future
    • Electronic records are not archival requiring a plan for accessing legacy data via emerging technologies
    • Digital Preservation Planning requires an open source platform unrestrictive of propriety technology and service agreements
  •® Long Term Digital Archive (LTDA) is a cloud based document management system for archiving electronic records
    • Redundant Data Services
    • Data Refreshing Services
  •® Data Stewardship Services support administrative and client data governance requirements to help establish protocols for the management of electronic data® Simple Submittal – Secure Electronic Communication Workflows

  • Online Public Record Requests
    • Online Record Requests offers enhanced security over standard email communications
      • Unsolicited emails increases exposure to hackers
    • Collaborative workflows and audit trails enhance public service efforts supporting record retention and distribution requirements
    • Integrates with SE Blueprint’s scanning/reproduction services for hard copy records
  • Online Application and Permit Submissions
    • Planning / Zoning Commission Review
    • Board of Zoning Appeals Review
    • Heritage Commission Review
    • Building Permits / Plan Review
    • Water Sewer Application
    • Sign Permits

Scanning Services

  • Large Format Blueprint Scanning
  • Plat and Map Scanning
  • Small Format Records Scanning (Street Folder Scanning)
  • Planning / New Development Records Scanning
  • Index Card Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Microfilm Scanning
  • Database File Indexing Service