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SE Blueprint, Inc. 2035 Hamilton Ave Cleveland
+216 241 2250
520 S. Main St. Suite #2411 Akron
+ 330 376 1689® Building Information Management (BIMgt) Services

  • Design, Preconstruction and Construction Information Management Services
    • Data Steward services supporting the fitness of data elements on a project, both content and metadata, as a quality control function for project stakeholders.
    • Supporting administrative workflows associated with document distributions
      • Hybrid communication workflows of paper as well as electronic communications
      •® Online Project Document Management System
        • Private or Public Project Access
  • Simple Submittal Services
    • A simple and affordable solution for managing RFI’s, Submittal Reviews, Owner Change Directives, Invoices and frankly any other project communications.
    • Seamlessly integrates with all project stakeholders’ project management systems.
    • Open source export for record retention requirements
  • Digital Closeout Services
    • Digital Preservation Planning
      • Digital information (including PDF files) are not archival requiring a plan for supporting the quality of building information into the future
    • Data Stewardship services formatting approved project data for Facility Management purposes
      • ISO standard PDF files offer sustainable characteristics that help reduce risk associated to corrupt files and interoperability issues associated with legacy files and developing technologies.
  • Long Term Digital Archive (LTDA) Services
    • Customized Cloud Based Digital Preservation Site
      • Open Source Platform
        • Digital preservation planning requires the ability to migrate an organization’s data from one platform to another as technology advances
          • Proprietary platforms introduce risk associated with sustainability and accessibility to data in the future
          • Open source platforms offers flexibility and expandability for maturing data into the future
    • Data Stewardship administrative services for supporting the integrity of an organizations data governance requirements
    • PDF “refreshing” services as ISO standards for the PDF platform advances